• To become the top content creator and one-stop marking solution across multiple media in South Africa.

  • To seamlessly move between the medias of: television, interactive, web & print, providing as many of these services to our clients and brands as possible, and thus a holistic integrated marketing / communications strategy.

  • To educate on the benefits of this cross media approach under one roof.

  • To offer an enjoyable, efficient, knowledgeable and cost effective service at the cutting edge of technology, marketing trends and creativity.

  • To empower, inspire and educated our employees and potential employees (with a particular focus on previously disadvantaged individuals), with a passion to excel in our industry and to adopt the Underdog cross-media approach.

  • To where possible become rights owners of the content we produce and to look for new and dynamic ways of exploiting such content in multiple platforms.

  • To represent the diversity of our country in the talent that makes up our company.

  • To offer everything our competitors don’t, and do what they do better and with more verve and finesse.

  • In the process, to experience as much fun, wonderment and surprise as the audiences we will reach.



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