It’s Only a Number (2006)

This is the story of Michael and Anita Arendsen, a married couple with a difference and their struggle for acceptance; she happens to be fifteen years older than he is.

We profile them as a couple with views on what makes them unique but also what makes them exactly the same as everybody else. Taking a look at their daily lives and examining how this couple functions in a world where their relationship is viewed as a little less than ordinary.

It's Only a Number highlights the growing phenomenon of older women romancing younger men. We'll speak to Michael and Anita's family and friends to see how they feel about the union; some reactions are positive and some negative but no-one is indifferent.

We ask why it seems 'normal' for older men to be with younger women but when reversed it becomes taboo. This is a fascinating look into the lives of two people living through changing social norms.

28 minutes Director: Bransby Diplock


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