Below The Belt SA (2003)

“Take a walk on the wild side and see what lies…below”

Below the Belt is a 13 part cheeky adult variety show, hosted by the “world famous” Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen, the series takes an irreverent and risqué look at sex, alternative culture and celebrity-dom in South Africa.

The Baroness tackles subjects including pornography, S&M, swinging, prostitution, traditional African sex therapies, gay nightlife and other topics ‘hidden’ in the underworlds of greater Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Touring in her limo (driven by Gino, her stud driver and cohort) from nudist beaches to pick-up joints, the Baroness chats to ordinary people she encounters; both those in search of a good time as well as those that provide these services. She asks probing questions their lives and experiences, enticing her subjects to share their deepest secrets. In turn, they guide her through the sexy and decadent worlds on offer. Through humour, nothing is sacred, no thought unspoken and no dark (or fabulous) corner left unexplored.
In every episode the inimitable Baroness also chats to a South African celebrity about sex, fame and unashamedly poses the questions that we’d never dare to ask.

Part chat and part exposé – combining decadent locations, unconventional people and an outrageous host – Below the Belt is an adult show you won’t soon forget. 

13 x 24 minutes Director: Lars Schwinges

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