By Night (2002)

“Not everybody sleeps at night…”

By Night is a two-part documentary focusing on those who live their lives after the sun sets. 

Most of us work in daylight hours but for some dusk is when their work begins. Scientific research has shown that people behave differently during the night as bio-rhythms change according to the light (or lack thereof). Through the development of urban settlements, we have begun to override our natural rhythms and have created a 24-hour culture throughout the world. 

Episode One focuses on Dion – a late night restaurant manager whose irregular hours have affected his marriage; Amor – an erotic dancer who loves to socialise on the job and Bethuel – an armed response guard who risks his life nightly in the South African township of Thembisa. 

Episode Two is centred around Azania – a radio DJ who juggles her career and motherhood; Peter – a young, partly deaf, go-go dancer and Neill – a paramedic whose ten years of service have taken a tremendous toll on him. 
By Night is a gripping and sometimes harrowing look at urban night life in Johannesburg, a documentary focusing on the often unseen lives that take place after dark in South Africa.

2 x 26 minutes Director: Luiz DeBarros
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