Flush (2004)

”Toilets – and the people who use them”

Flush is a compelling documentary examining the most private, taboo and yet most basic of universal places: the toilet. 

This documentary takes an irreverent peek at the loo, from the mass manufacture of the standard household bowl to the mile-high club. The investigation follows the evolution of the toilet – from its humble beginnings as a hole in the ground to boasting designer fittings and specialised accessories. 
“Ordinary” people share their experiences of the loo and its role within their daily lives, offering their cultural perspectives on the subject and sharing stories of the fascinating things they do in the littlest of rooms – from reading to having sex. Flush raises a number of social issues around the institution of the toilet. Why do women always queue for public toilets? What do they actually do in there?

Flush examines gender segregation in loos; the shared toilets in South Africa’s townships and even offers glimpses into a variety of glamorous and over-the-top bathrooms. 

At times reflective, at others tongue-in-cheek – Flush is all about lifting the seat on taboos and the entertaining sharing of experiences.

2 x 26 minutes Director: Luiz DeBarros
Visit program site at: https://underdog.co.za/flushit/