Rough or Smooth (2012)

“Every destination has its extremes – How do you like it?”

Rough or Smooth, is an adventurous and sophisticated documentary series, with a strong travel, food and lifestyle focus. Playful and quirky, yet always honest and well researched – pairing two opposing personalities who just somehow get on and explore our world together.

In the 13-part South African Premiere season well known local TV personalities and old friends, Paul du Toit and Terence Bridgett guide audiences on a journey to some of the most remarkable and eclectic places and show the very different sides to the same destinations. They are passionate about food; travel and the people and places of Southern Africa. 

Paul is rough; happiest with barbecue smoke in his eyes and a freshly dived crayfish steaming in kelp. He has climbed Kilimanjaro, and surfed, dived and canoed all over the world. 

Terence however, as befits the doyenne of the social pages, is smooth, preferring his crustacean served with the requisite Sauvignon Blanc.

Southern Africa with its remarkable biodiversity and wide range of cultures served as the perfect location for the shows first season, in which the Rough or Smooth guides search for interesting places, indulge in indigenous delicacies, interact with locals and partake in the most extreme or sophisticated of activities.

Paul takes a reluctant Terence through the rough experience while Terence nudges an under dressed Paul though the finer options available in the same places.

They spear mullet in the Kosi Bay fish traps, ski in the Maloti Mountains, drink a killer local brandy in Limpopo, eat cows head Soweto style, paddle the Dusi canoe marathon and reveal their personal stories as they sing with the Drakensberg boys choir.

While Rough or Smooth is first and foremost a documentary, the likeable personalities of the hosts make it more accessible, creating informative and entertaining television. Their varied perspectives not only allow viewers to celebrate our differences, but highlight the shared humanity of a world full of contrasts and differing cultures. 

13 x 24 minutes
Executive Producer: Marc Schwinges
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