Two Moms – 2004

“Meet an ordinary family of extraordinary people (plus six dogs and four cats)”. 

The documentary charts the daily life of lesbian couple Suzanne Du Toit and Anna-Marié De Vos, as well as their historic struggle to legally adopt children, be accepted by their community and receive equal treatment under the law. 
De Vos is the only female High Court judge in Pretoria, working in a conservative and male dominated realm. Her life-partner of fifteen years, Du Toit, is an artist who also manages the family farm near Plettenberg Bay. 

Ten years ago Anna Marié adopted siblings of ‘mixed race’, Nuschka and Reid; together the couple nurtured the children. Then a near serious car accident highlighted the inadequacies of their situation. 

In 2001 the women challenged South African child adoption laws and demanded the right to be equal legal parents to their children. They won the case, changed the law, made international headlines and forever legalised the rights of gay and lesbian co-adoptive parents in South Africa. This several years before gay marriages were legalised in the same country. 

Two Moms takes an intimate and human look at this family, exploring the people behind the headlines, and makes a case for focusing on the similarities between us, as opposed to our differences. 

48 minutes Directors: Luiz DeBarros & Andile Genge 
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