Mentorship Program

Underdog has always been committed to transformation and we firmly believe in empowering people. To date, Underdog has mentored over 35 young people (of whom the majority were previously disadvantaged) and assisted with equipment and resources for the production of several student productions from various film schools around Gauteng.

While some of Underdog’s first mentored puppies are still with the company (take our own Financial Manager, Nomali Dube, for example) others have gone their own way and are now in high profile positions including an SABC Commissioning Editor, the Programming Coordinator for SABC 2 as well as highly sought after DOP’s, Editors, Directors, Script Writers and Producers. Several now own their own production / post production houses and co-produce with Underdog. Underdog’s puppies therefore also allow the kennel to keep growing and for Underdog to access the very best talent available.

Nomali Dube
"Underdog really has become my passion over the years. I feel dedicated to the company and people who gave me a chance at life and did anything possible to empower me to where I am today." – Financial Manager – Underdog Productions

"Underdog certainly gave me a head start in my career. They were the first to believe in as one of the first black female AFDA production graduates." Programme Co-ordinator SABC 2.

Nhlanhla Ndaba & Fanney Tsimong
"Underdog is our second home, Marc believed in us and gave us a chance to produce a VUKA! for which Fanney won an award for Raw Talent! As we had no formal film school education, they helped us get bursaries for film courses, and we still work with Underdog on projects today. It’s hard to believe that two years ago we were first being mentored by Underdog, since then we’ve been producing a documentary together which has just been delivered to the SABC, did a few documentaries on our own, and now we are producing a 13 part show, “Intimate Connexions” for SABC2. This would never have happened without the chance we were given by Underdog". – Producer & Director / Partners in Doti Productionz

Nonkululeko Maseko
"Ahh the Underdog Experience, it’s mad! I came to Underdog to mentor me on a VUKA! They were already mentoring another team on a VUKA! but took me on as well. Marc is the first person I call whenever I have a question, get stuck or just need inspiration. He is truly my mentor". – Projects Manager & Developer -Wokuhle Productions & Communications

Bobby Z Mokhema
"I’ve been fortunate to be part of a mentorship program at Underdog, which has been very helpful in terms of my Technical Skills in Editing. More importantly however was my overall experience gained in production, as Marc actually taught me how to put a production together, from pre-prod all the way to post" – Bobby now runs StreTalk Productions.

Ntsako Radebe
"“Mentor Marc” took something that existed within the confines of a TV Screen, and broke away boundaries I thought prevented me from pursuing my interests in the film industry. " – Editor, Guillontine Post Production

Themba Mnyele
"Editing at a professional level for the first time was nerve-wracking at first, but my confidence grew rapidly as a result of working with Marc Schwinges – My newly found mentor "– Final year Film & Television Student – AFDA.

Andile Genge
"I came to underdog with my first documentary program as a first time director and was fortunate to be mentored on it. “Two Moms” is a beautiful piece of work, requested by festivals around the world".
– Commissioning Editor – SABC.

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