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Aside from our highly acclaimed, festival favourite documentaries such as Black Beulahs (2005/6), Two Moms (SABC 2, 2004) and Metamorphosis (SABC 3, 2000) - in 2006/7 we also produced the documentary Only a Number (SABC 3) and in 2003 Underdog produced the controversial, late-night television series Below the Belt, hosted by the Baroness. This 13-part show, owned by Underdog, also continues to enjoy international distribution, with the show’s latest sales being to Australia and Germany… imagine “The Baroness” in German! A global co-production of the same name is also in advanced development. In 1998 the two-hour television documentary Death also distributed internationally won three prestigious awards including Gold in the NTVA Avanti documentary category. A list with descriptions of some of the highlight in our Television work follows:


Fool's Paradise (Feature 2018/2019)
A cinematic road trip through South Africa. As a Dutch-South-African filmmaker, Saskia Vredeveld asks herself the question ‘did I become a racist, because I grew up in a racist country?’ Questions of Fear, Gilt and Belonging are explored in the film. Dutch / South African Co-Production.
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Rough or Smooth / Rof of Spog (2011/2012)
Rough or Smooth - the best of both ways...

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Boys Don't Cry (2013)
When filmmaker, Teboho Pietersen tries to uncover the lack of emotion and support shown by his father to his siblings and himself, he traces this back to his grandfather, an anti-apartheid struggle hero who was exiled to Sweden. Read more…


It’s Only a Number (2006)
Michael and Anita Arendsen are married and living a quiet life in South Africa – but there is something about this couple that ensures the people around them are anything but quiet.

Black Beulahs (2005)
What does it mean to be a Black Beulah? Within the bustling township of Soweto, outside Johannesburg, there is a sub culture few know about and even fewer will openly speak of.


Two Moms (2004)
There are many moments in South Africa’s history which stand as testimony to our great constitution. Perhaps one such moment was the courts decision to allow lesbian couple, Suzanne Du Toit and Anna-Marié De Vos to legally adopt their children.

Flush (2004)
Ladies and gents – it is time to separate the girls and the boys as we take a look at that great divide and black hole of taboos – The Toilet.
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By Night (2002)
Noctiphobia is the fear of the night and even for people not suffering with this fear – it is largely instinctual to return to their homes at night in seek of rest, refuge and security. Have you ever wondered what happens to those who start their ‘day’ as the sun sets on yours?

Metamorphosis: The Remarkable Journey of Granny Lee (2000)
What memories of your Granny do you cherish? Cookies baking in the oven? Knitting? How about crazy nights in smoke-filled nightclubs amongst Joburg’s hottest boys and bachelors? This is a true story of one very unusual granny.
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Death (1997)
It is feared, celebrated and embraced. It is obsessed over, cheated, narrowly escaped and ultimately inevitable. Some people will bring about their own and others spend their whole lives trying to delay it. This film is about death. Read more…

Cinema Commercials – High Definition

Ru-Paul Viva La Glam (Graphics & Edit) for Therapy
Underdog was able to produce a cinema advertisement in full high definition (HDV 1080i) for the
2008 Ru-Paul Viva la Glam Therapy Pride After-Party. 
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TV Advertisements

Excitement Store
Excitement Store launched a competition for which Underdog produced the television advertisements that were screened nationwide.
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  CTICC TV Commercials
The Cape Town International Convention Centre made use of Underdog production skills when they were in need of a 30 second television advertisement.
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21st Century Funerals Direct  
Underdog prides itself on its entertainment work – but sometimes our clients need to tackle issues that are far from entertaining.
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TV Shows

Rough or Smooth / Rof of Spog (2011/2012)
Rough or Smooth, is an adventurous and sophisticated
documentary series, with a strong travel, food and lifestyle focus.
Playful and quirky, yet always honest and well researched
- pairing two opposing personalities who just somehow get on
and explore our world together.
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Below the Belt (2003)
Would you let a Baroness get below your belt? Underdog and the wickedly hilarious, Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen, tackle every taboo topic both in the cupboard and out in this decadent late-night series.
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Big Brother (South Africa) 1
(Task Master and Content Creator)
How expand the experience of a South African show across a continent proved even more challenging, and Underdog worked to find a crew of people form various African countries representative of the housemates and the viewer’s diversity.
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Corporate Video

Standard Bank- Fleet Management Awards
Underdog shot an awards corporate video for Standard Bank's Fleet Mangement in early 2014.
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  Waterford Kamhlaba School
This promotional work for The Waterford Kamhlaba School, which is situated in the hills of Swaziland, illustrates the wonderful facilities and exceptional students of this excellent school.
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loveLife Corporate Video
loveLife is a long-time, valued client of Underdog Productions. Underdog produced this short, corporate video for loveLife as part of their awareness drive.
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Promos, Inserts, and Profile

SABC Education Proudly SA Filler - Tomorrow Starts Now(2010)
This 3 minute filler was just produced by Underdog and the Rocket Scientists for SABC Education Youth Strand. It was produced in mid May 2010, just before the World Cup took place and was designed to promote young people who were destined to grow as a result of the World Cup.
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  The Shoprite Checkers/SABC 2 Woman of the Year Awards 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
Underdog has built up a wonderful relationship with Shoprite Checkers and SABC 2 through its four year long involvement in the Woman of the Year awards. Each of the four years saw Underdog producing approximately 50 inserts, promos and profiles. In 2008 we were also entrusted with a 48 minute documentary following the Woman of the Year award through the years. We are delighted to have been able to highlight the achievements of some of South Africa’s most inspirational women.
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Community Builder of the Year 2008
Sponsored by Sowetan and Old Mutual, organised by Makwetla and Associates – the Community Builder of the Year award is a long running award which high lights the achievements of those men and women who contribute to the betterment of their communities. The award focuses on four categories – adult, youth, senior and group – which ensure that a wide range of projects are acknowledged. Underdog was very proud to have the opportunity to produce all profiles and inserts for this award for the first time in 2008.
  Nelson Mandela Awards for Health and Human Rights
This six minute insert highlights the work of Dr. James McIntyre and Dr. Glenda Gray who received the Nelson Mandela award for Health and Human rights in recognition of their significant work in the field of Perinatal HIV Research.

Viagra SA Industry Launch
Demonstrating again that Underdog is capable of handling a wide range of products and client services – Underdog produced this promotional piece for the launch of Viagra in South Africa.
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Short Films

Clubbing (1994)
Back in the days when the Underdog’s founders were pups themselves – they made this film as the first Underdog short film ever. If you ever get to see it, consider yourself very lucky as it’s not out there much anymore.


Hot Legs (1995)
One of Underdog’s earliest films and yet still relevant – Hot Legs is about love, revenge and fantasy between two young men.
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